Cypress View Foundation


We are a non-profit organization, situated in Medicine Hat, Alberta, that exists primarily to provide supportive social housing for low to moderate-income seniors. Cypress View Foundation provides housing to persons who, because of financial, social or other circumstances, require assistance to obtain housing.

Our History

Official Opening

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The first U-shaped lodge was built in 1960 on this five-acre site.

It was a unique design that enabled residents to have a view and be able to access a landscaped central courtyard.

The original building had a kitchen, dining room, library and matron’s suite.

Cypress View Foundation is a non-profit seniors housing facility designed for low to moderate income seniors that are 65 years and older.

Changes Over the Years

The Wild Rose Lodge was officially opened on December 16, 1970.

The new concept of housing was meant to provide a more pleasant grounds area with a less institutional atmosphere.

The Teeoda apartments were opened in 1977.

The building was financed by the Provincial Government as part of its program to provide affordable seniors housing.

More Recently

Over the years many changes were made to Cypress View and on September 16, 1992 the newly renovated Cypress View Wing was opened.

In February 2007 work began on the new Supportive living wing.

These 40 units would provide a higher level of care for residents and allow them to stay longer at the Cypress View Foundation.

The Sunrise Vista Wing was opened in 2009.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors provides governance for the Foundation. It includes two representatives from each of the participating municipalities, which includes the Town of Redcliff, the City of Medicine Hat, and Cypress County. Representatives are councillors appointed by their respective councils.

Representing Cypress County

Michelle McKenzie, Chairperson

Dan Hamilton, Board Member

Representing the Town of Redcliff

Shawna Gale, Board Member

Eric Solberg, Board Member

Representing the City of Medicine Hat

Jim Turner, Board Member

Julie Friesen, Board Member

Business Plans

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Annual Reports

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