Your Donations At Work!

The Cypress View Foundation is a regional, non- profit organization that provides low to moderate income seniors with quality, affordable housing in an efficient, effective, and caring environment. We provide housing to seniors 65 years + who, because of financial, social or other circumstances, require assistance to obtain subsidized housing.

We are also firmly committed to have a positive impact on our residents’ quality of life and to build warm, trusting relationships with their families.

Solarium picture
Donation Plaque Thelma Robinson Solarium

CVF is one of very few facilities in Medicine Hat that offers rent-geared-to-income accommodations to seniors who live in Medicine Hat, Redcliff, and Cypress County. These three municipalities contribute to our overall operating budget. Other operational funding sources include Alberta Seniors and Housing, Alberta Health Services as well as residents rent and service fees. CVF actively supports and promotes both the internal and external community by engaging residents, families, and community organizations to nurture and maintain meaningful independence and overall wellness.

All community donations and honorariums are directly allocated to expand projects and activities to enhance the well-being of our Resident Community. Donation expenditures are not used for operational expenses and must be approved by our Board of Directors.

In the past, monies have been used to purchase a greenhouse for our Gardening Club based on Residents’ request. On a larger scale- Residents and their families frequently socialize in the comfort of our beautiful, sunny solarium that was built through an honorarium donated by a past resident.

Your Help is Appreciated