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Hear from some of the residents that already call Cypress View Foundation home.

The food is good; everything is good here!  I can’t complain…I’ve lived here 22 years and I’m going to be here another 22!

Lucas, 22 Year Resident

I knew Cypress View was a good place to live before I moved in because I worked here for 8 years…It’s very clean and all the staff are fantastic!

Darlene, 1 Year Resident

I like the staff and I like the care I get; everyone is so happy here

Dodi, 1 Year Resident

I like the sense of security at Cypress View.  I love the food!  It is good there is a place like Cypress View for people to go to live.  The cat room is so relaxing and serene.

Shirley, 4 Year Resident

Stories from Residents

Breketa’s Story

Breketa has been living with us at the Cypress View Foundation 6 years, coming on 7 years in July. When asked her reasoning on why she chose this facility as her home she expresses that she always thought if she were to retire this was the place to go! At the time of moving in she was declining in her health and thought “If I were to get hurt who would be there to help me?”. Once Breketa made the decision to move into Cypress View Foundation she got a room right away and the moving process was easy to understand.

Now that she is here, Breketa enjoys playing BINGO.  Breketa’s eye sight is faltering but she has the help she needs to participate from staff and other residents. She also attends Cup-a-News every morning and says that this is her favourite activity of the week because, “You can always learn something new and the people are always friendly”. Breketa also says that the food is excellent and even though she has never tried some of the different types of food previously she is always pleased with the meals.

When asked if she would recommend others to come live at the Cypress View Foundation, she says “Oh absolutely”. She expresses, “I am sure they will never find a better place” and “I am not leaving until they carry me out”. We very much enjoy the positive feedback as we work hard to ensure the wellbeing of our residents.

Lastly, Breketa was asked her opinion about the misconceptions of living in a senior’s facility and she was quick to mention, “You will never be bored a day in your life as every day is different”.

Rose’s Story

Although young at heart, Rose is the oldest resident at Cypress View Foundation. Rose has been living here since 2008. Making the decision to move here, was easy for her. All of her friends were living here and, she found herself spending most of her free time visiting with them. When she decided it was finally time to move from her house to Cypress View Foundation, she never regretted her decision. She found that her previous neighbors followed her soon after, when they heard about how much she enjoyed living here.

In the beginning she attended all the activities that she could, enjoying each one in turn. However, since a recent surgery she has limited mobility. This has not held her back from being on the move and visiting with all her friends here. She can often be found in the central core playing the piano for residents and staff, it is really quite lovely! When she is not playing the keys she is crocheting, sewing, and visiting with her family.

When asked of the service that she receives here she states that the staff are very good to her, and, treat her like family. She also added that the food is to her liking. Rose believes that “You can’t go wrong in living here” and that, “You won’t find a better place”.

Photo Gallery

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some people have some basic misconceptions on what life is like at Cypress View Foundation and, by extension, a seniors home.  We have collected some of these commonly asked questions and answered them.  If you have questions that aren’t listed, please feel free to give us a call, email, or raise it while you’re having a tour of the facility.

Will I lose my independence living at Cypress View?

The truth is, living in a senior’s residence can give you more independence.  Seniors living at Cypress View Foundation can enjoy a social lifestyle with a wide variety of activities and events to attend. Assistance is available if needed.

Is it true that senior’s facilities are only for people that are sick?

This is an outdated myth that senior’s retirement communities are nursing homes; they are not.  Many active seniors move into retirement living for the sense of community; compared to living in social isolation in their own homes. Research has shown that strong social relationships have a positive impact in seniors health and mental health.

Are senior’s facilities depressing to live in?

Retirement living communities can be so much fun!  There are many social activities to join such as; live bands, games, billiards, exercise programs, movies, pet therapy and much, much more.

Is it true the food is not good in senior’s facilities?

This statement could not be further from the truth.  A talented Red Seal Chef at Cypress View Foundation creates home cooked meals with a diverse choice of options daily.

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