What kinds of accommodations do we offer?

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Are there visiting hours?

Cypress View Foundation is a come and go as you please facility. There are no set hours for tenants, residents or their visitors, however front entrance is under buzz in entry from 8:00p.m. to 8:00a.m.


Is there any medical assistance?

We are supportive housing, not a nursing home. However, we do employ Personal Care Aides that assist with medications, dressing, bathing, etc. If a resident is approved for Home Care there is no charge for the service. Otherwise they would be charged. Care Service rates are very competitive.

Also, our lodge rooms are equipped with emergency call systems should a medical emergency occur. We have staff working 24 hours a day and they respond very quickly to calls.

What amenities do we offer?

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When can I move in?

There is a waiting list and it is very difficult to give a time frame. The list is compiled based on a ‘need rating’ that the Foundation assigns to each applicant – the greater the need, the higher you are on the list. Even though you may be the last to apply, it doesn’t mean that your name is on the bottom of the waiting list.

Once you have been contacted, you can move in immediately.


What about people with low income?

What about people with low income?

Our board has made a policy that all lodge residents 65 years of age and older must have a minimum of $265.00 left over every month after rent is paid. Should a resident not have this, their rent would be adjusted to assure this policy is met.

Apartment rent is based on a percentage of your gross income, so there should always be some funds left over after rent